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December 17, 2013
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APH Elementary [Contest Entry] by TUNSEM APH Elementary [Contest Entry] by TUNSEM
Yep finally got around to it! I actually made the sketch about a month ago but school has been stressful lately! This is probably the best reference of Max I have yaaaay.

Country: Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Full Name: Maximiliano Artigas
Nicknames: Max, Maxy (though he hates being called that)

Age: 18

Appearance: He's tall (roughly 5'8" if he were the size of a normal human being and not a dweller just to keep in mind for proportions to other dwellers). He's not especially muscular, in fact on first glance you'd think he wasn't all that athletic, but he actually is very. He has very strong legs from all the running he does as well as the soccer he plays. 

He has brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair that he keeps tied back in a ponytail, save for two long bangs that hang on either side of his face. His face is masculine and more angular. His skin is more or less olive-toned like Romano, making him look pale in comparison to some of the other latin characters.

Personality: Max is not the most social  of people. He has friends and gets along just fine with them, but is a bit more quiet and reserved with strangers. He doesn't even really come off as cold, just indifferent. He sometimes finds the others to be a bit too loud and obnoxious sometimes (i.e. Brazil and/or Argentina). However, he himself can get just as loud and obnoxious as them when he gets passionate about something! For the most part though he's actually pretty laid-back and relaxed, just going about at his own pace.

Strengths: Level-headed (most of the time). He's very passionate about the things he enjoys and when he sets his mind to something he won't quit until he either succeeds or falls flat on his face. Generally speaking he tends to stay out of other people's problems unless directly brought into them and when that's done he does his best to offer sound advice and alternatives to consider as opposed to just one course of action. He's talented in dance and cooking (particularly anything meat-related) and very skilled in sports, mostly soccer but also basketball, and even rugby. He's a bit competitive too!

Weaknesses: Stubborn to the point of not moving on his personal opinions. A bit closed off to new people. His competitiveness is both a strength and a weakness because he gets so involved in it. He's a bit boastful when he does win at something (because he's often overshadowed by those he's close to) and even a bit mischevous, going so far as to play pranks on his close friends - harmless pranks mind you. Gets a bit sulky and down on himself when overshadowed by his friends and/or loses at a game. Not obviously though, as he doesn't like to show people how upset he gets.

Likes: Music, sports, and food are his life's passions. In music he enjoys not only listening but playing it and dancing as well. Football is his life's blood and he gets super competitive over it and yet he's still a fair player and has fun with it regardless. He's a bit of a glutton when it comes to food, and even gets a bit picky on what he eats. The amount of meat he eats is freaking ridiculous to the others, cause it seemingly is packed away into nothing. Also he loves his mate (a tea generally had in a small gourd).

Dislikes: Being ignored when trying to get someone's attention is a bit of a peeve for him and yet he's pretty used to it. He also doesn't like being forced into things. He'd rather do them for the fun of it or just at his own pace. Overly invasive questions about himself also get on his nerves. He doesn't care for rudeness or misbehavior either for that matter.

Talents: He shares many talents with his sibling Argentina (if one is chosen) such as being able to cook meat into just about anything and make it amazing, dancing the tango, and playing sports such as soccer. However he has other talents as well. He's pretty good at other sports like Basketball and Rugby even though he's not as big on them, he enjoys them nonethless for recreational purposes. He can play guitar and even sings quite well, if one is willing to stop long enough to listen to him!

Flaws: He can't and refuses to dance anything other than the tango. It's something he's a bit ashamed of to be perfectly honest. Tends to make subtle sarcastic comments, especially in less than favorable situations. Quick-tempered, stubborn, and snarky. Super competitive over things that maybe aren't worth it. Moody to a degree. Indifferent, which sometimes comes off as cold. Keeps his feelings bottled up. Boastful. And as mentioned earlier a bit of a prankster.

Some other info:

In order of most to least passionate about: Soccer, Basketball, Rugby.

Speaks Spanish, English and some Italian.

He's a bit blunt when he speaks and generally just says whatever comes to mind, and tends to throw in curse words for the hell of it.

He's casual and laid-back particularly in the way he dresses, and  some even think he's kind of plain.

Shipping?: None really. I mean it's hard to ship him. I like Brazil/Uruguay but I tend to see it more platonic as well as Mexico/Uruguay. Honestly, if you decide to add him to comic I'd be excited to see some Colombia/Uruguay hints but I don't expect anything. I'm content either way. =u=

On the off-chance that some of these countries are put into the comic

Argentina: Definitely a sibling that he'd bicker with. Though he'd have lots of respect for him/her he'd never admit to it and would often show it just through his actions. It's obvious that he's close to Argentina because he's so much more open to them.

Brazil: Another that he has great respect for though, he'd probably find Brazil to be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Loves to play pranks on him/her especially.

And onto the pre-established comic characters!

Elisa (Venezula): He actually gets along fairly well with her on her own, but couple her with her sister and he really wants nothing to do with either of them.

Carmen (Colombia): Carmen is frustrating to him with her attitude and her egocentric personality and yet he's quite good at matching her wit with equally sarcastic comments and jokes at her expense. If she weren't so self-centered he might stand to like her a lot more.

Carlos (Cuba): Not someone he really talks to but Carlos is friendly enough and I think they understand one another on some level. They're friendly enough.

Manuel (Ecuador): He probably relates to Manuel the most. They both seem to deal with very attention-grabbing people and are a bit more on the quiet side themselves...until Max's fiery side comes out as well.

Catarina (Portugal): Max appreciates all that she does for the mall dwellers and would do his best to express it to her in his own subtle way.
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X-I-L2048 Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey cool, another male Mall Dweller! He's cute. :)
TUNSEM Dec 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Aw thank you! I've worked pretty hard on him for quite a while so I was excited to enter him in the contest. :D
X-I-L2048 Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. :)
ahhh, I think you did great on this, Tab! :D <3 Thanks for entering~ ;u;
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